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O.K. WTF is up with this website??

I made this site to teach people about the Jewish community. I also like to laugh about other politically incorrect topics like diversity and multi-culturalism that are supported by the jewish community.

What is the purpose of this site?

To cause people to endure "agonized screams of laughter".

Do you hate jews?

No, but I do find them hypocritical in many things, and many of those things are funny to make cartoons about.

We're you really adopted by Jews?

I know it sounds crazy but it's true... I thought everybody was until I got a little older.

How did that happen?

Mom didn't want to have to get pregnant again because her friends were making jokes about her. So she decided to adopt a black baby they could use to brag about to all their liberal friends.

WTF? But you aren't black..are you?

No, unfortunately for my parents, they got a white child. How embarassing for them. Not their own offspring and no bragging rights either.

Come now. Tell us you're just an evil anti-semitic Nazi White Supremacist.

Label people that tell the truth whatever you want.

What you say about your Jewish family is not true.

Come many jews do you know anyway, insolent goyim? and if you are Jewish, don't even go there...I know what's what and we both know it.

Won't you get thrown in jail for this site?

Probably not, but if I do I'll just write comics all day. My parents are rich Jews so I'll spend my retirement comfortable no matter how many times I get thrown in jail.

Why are there White Nationalist links on your page? Are you simply an evil nazi?

Well, we all have to make a living, and the ALCU isn't beating my door down to finance this project. You think my parents are going to front the costs?

But aren't white nationalists evil people?

If white people having their own country is evil then every race is evil - because every race has their own country (except whites).

Do you get along better with white people

For some reason, yes I do. I get along with all races but I just have a natural connection with my own people.

I think you friggin' rock. I want to buy your comic book dude!

The comic book will be created in the future once we have enough material. Right now I'm concentrating to banging out these comics on the site. Just keep coming to the site.

Are you a white supremacist?

I'm actually a Nigerian...that's why my parents thought I was black. Then they proceeded to provide me with citizenship of 5 other countries, Israel, American, French and a couple of others. I've lived all over the world with my rich international jewish parents. So, yeah, I'm white, but I don't believe I'm "supreme" over other races.



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